Les informo que debido a la  situación que ya todos conocemos del COVID 19 quedan canceladas todas nuestras excursiones.

Si hubiese algún cambio o novedad al respecto de dicha situación se lo haremos saber por esta misma vía .

Sentimos esta situación

We inform you, due to the situation as you all know of the COVID 19, we have to cancel all our excursions.
 If there will be any change of news about this situation we will let you know in the same way as we do now.
We are sorry for the situation.
/Team Flipper Uno
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-Welcome to the Flipper Uno website-

-We are a company dedicated to maritime excursions –

-We sail from Los Gigantes Marina, Tenerife-


After a snack and a drink, we will leave the harbor of Los Gigantes to look for the dolphins and/or whales. We guarantee that you will see one ore the other with the Flipper Uno (depending on the sea conditions). After we have enjoyed the dolphins and/or the whales, we will set sail along the cliffs of Los Gigantes and Masca. These are one of the highest cliffs in the world, with peaks of almost 600 meters. In one of the beautiful bays with its sparkling clear water, you have time for a swim.

Going into the water is easy down the steps or spectacularly swinging from our trapeze. After your swim we will serve you a lovely lunch; paella based on chicken breast and vegetables. We will also serve you some bread and a piece of fruit. Red wine, beer, cola, fanta and water are available to drink. During the excursion all drinks are included in the price. We have an official guide on board who will explain everything in your own language. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, camera and your sense of fun!!

See you soon at the Flipper Uno!!!

Departure times

In the summer (June – August) there are three daily departures:

11:30 · 14:30 · 17:30 (11:30 and 14:30), 3 and 2-hours trips.) (17:30, 3 hours trips, every day – to confirm)

In the winter there are two daily departures:

11:30 · 14:30 (3 hour trips)

Special Occasions

For your party, birthday, bachelor party or any other occasion, you can rent the boat for a private trip. Sports clubs, schools, festival committees, etc.. Maximum 91 passengers.

The boats authorized to make sightings of cetaceans are distinguished by carrying a yellow flag with the “Blue Boat” logo that allows them to be identified.

Member of “Sustainability Charter”
What does it mean for you as a customer?
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