The @cabildotenerife, through the #MedioAmbienteTF area, has launched a new edition of the #pardelascenicienta collection campaign. This action, coordinated by the La Tahonilla Wildlife Recovery Center, takes place from the end of October to mid-November, coinciding with the first flight of the juveniles. The campaign involves the rescue of young specimens of this seabird, which become disoriented or injured during their first night flight because of the flashes of the luminaries. A high number of shearwaters, especially on new moon nights, lose their way to the sea and fall to the ground unable to take flight themselves. The vice-president and counselor of Environment, @valbuenaalonsotf, indicates that although this species is not in danger of extinction, it presents serious conservation problems due to the fragility of the habitat where they are raised and the light pollution of the coastal areas. In that sense, last year 1,617 copies were collected, with more than 96 percent released. The municipalities where more rescues were registered were Arona and Adeje, with more than 450 birds in each of the localities. The Cabildo requests the citizen’s collaboration so that, in case of finding an injured pardela, contact La Tahonilla directly (922 445 777), the Citizen Services Center of the Cabildo (901 501 901) or the emergency number 1- 1-2 of the Cecoes of the Government of the Canary Islands. The campaign has the collaboration of the Call Center staff, the Natural Space Wardens, Cecopal of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Cecoes and the Office of Participation and Environmental Volunteering of the Cabildo. It also highlights the work of local councils, local police, Seprona, civil protection groups, voluntary entities such as ADAE, Pateantes Sin Fronteras Association, AEA, Aprocica, Atina, SEO / BirdLife, Red Cross, ECAN, Association ‘In Situs’ , Rumbo Zydae, among others