Construction of Flipper Uno “A dream to fulfil”

The boat is made from the African and Brazilian wood “Morera”. It is the first boat, handmade in Tenerife of its size. At the carpenters in Alcala, Tenerife, half of the boat was made and then it was taken to the dock in Playa de San Juan to be finnished.

The 4 brothers, the carpenters from Alcala are real craftsmen and they made the boat in 18 months.

The dolphin at the bow of the boat is also handmade from the same wood.

The name “Flipper Uno” comes from the famous dolphin from the series on TV.

In July 1996 the boat was launched into the water in Playa de San Juan, to sail to the sports harbour in Los Gigantes, where it is based up till now.

The 24 th of December 1996 the boat sailed out for the first time with clients.

¡The dream came true!

By coincidence, the 24 th of December is the day of the dolphin. We couldn’t think of a better day to start.